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If you can’t make smart decisions at this age and always put Hindi on the wrong side, then I wonder how life will play out for you. Join हिंदी व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप लिंक I had CONSISTENTLY PLEASED/WARNED you guys to never go on a deal without using an Hindu Whatsapp group link escrow.

Whatever the outcome is, the deed is completely ON YOU. It’s a shame you refused to use escrow. Deal with your $6 pain in peace oga Me 2 deals haha how when?!? you clearly have the wrong person in mind not me never.

Online Yh i know however this is my first issue nd also the first time i saw ur warningto be sincere first time i saw it that was y i specified m concern for d newbies cos u can’t always be be repeating d warning all the time even so what are the chances everbody esp newbies will see it.

Hindu whatsapp group link

Hindu Whatsapp Group Link is still work and active to make good I stop dey post ur receipts then same way I understand @⁨AnsεไεM вOввчтO 💯⁩ he prolly thought it’s my 2nd time does not know this is my first maybe due to what admin @⁨Nuel⁩ told him.

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That was y i told @⁨Nuel Asika⁩ it was never me as this is my first time ever i have reciepts of people i have sold for with no escrow ish just as I mentioned above I said it’s the second time cause you and the same SAM had issue days before now.

That’s just d way i deal in this group i no dey use escrow nd i have never had issues….but i’ll stop as i’m aware of the warnings now He just had issues with his bank… which is not a good excuse I know but SINCE YOU DIDNT USE ESCROW YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN PATIENT

You blew this whole thing out of proportion sha… He’s wrong but you made it look like he is a scammer… someone that paid you inside the money already and is trying to send the rest (Kuda wahala)

Why did u say i have had 2 different issues be4 Because I didn’t know it was with the same person Yh but if u go back you will see that he had opay nd told me he would never send d money to me what do u say abt that.

Why I dey fear to deal with adscreed guys I haven’t dealt with before. One small ish. Them go rush tag am scam. scam is a very weighty word and many of us here don’t know that So because of one day delay of payment and $6 balance u branded him a scammer??

U see make ur facts ryt na no dey confuse everything Do you know people here sometimes pay more than $6 for escrow? Just for dash? It’s bad for business, because of this no one will do business with you here with peace of mind.

The fact of the matter here is… Use escrow next time, I’m adding him Back to AdsCreed, he will pay you when his bank is freed up as promised. Haha u lie did u see @⁨kingoftask⁩ receipts I don’t even do escrows i go straight to biz nd we deal that’s how i deal

U say m over reacting buh he can’t send my money from is opay?!? Then if you complain here again we will remove you Then don’t come here and tag admins when it goes wrong Did u even go through my chats with him

go chk d ss of our conversation u’ll know better ⁨Nuel Asika⁩ and other respectable admins
That guy doesn’t deserve the removal. The 6$ is the remaining balance from their yesterday’s deal which @⁨Online 247⁩ posted on the group.

हिंदी व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप लिंक

Everyone want join हिंदी व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप लिंक was intended IMO. If anything @ @⁨Online 247⁩ should be blamed for his lack of patience and courtesy in that deal. Just read up yourself This statement here has validated what since you believe and trust in the people of this group to deal without a third party.

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Don’t complain or tag anybody… you tagged me that’s why I’m even talking about this Yh I believe doesn’t mean there should be no consequences The same kuda someone transferred money to me like 2 different people.

Because of this bank issues I’ve to send the usdt I bought from someone yesterday I’ve not paid the person till now George⁩ I’ve deal with him on this PayPal funds also I didn’t use escrow with him I won’t lie but I’ve to pay him before he funded my account.

I was trying to explain to but he don’t want to even listen to me or calm down let me solve this issue I’ve to keep mute All this would have ended if u were able to send a video Which he could not provide.

I’m owing a lot of people cause of this issue someone sent me money I’ve not seen it till now I can’t even make transfer What video for what that’s my privacy I can’t just be showing you everything on my phone because of PayPal funds you send.

I even ask you if I should send you my email and password for my namecheap but you refused Video proof of ur browser opening google website Like guy all what i do i have been doing it for years ain’t no privacy breaking here

Did u see my video does it look like privacy was bridged? Go do video d way i did nd stop sending me some crap I’ve send you 12$ worth usdt already for me to send that you should know well I’m never what you tag me to be.

I would like to know why you refused making a video proof to back your claims since you know that, that was all he needed to believe you. Do you think what you did yesterday I was happy with it I regretted I deal with you serious.

I hate it when someone tag me that But he just said you didn’t? Which are we to believe? Na why I love ex admin ⁨benzems⁩ he for done remove both of u make una go outside go settle Sir that’s not what he needed

I can screenshot our conversation an send to you too many threats I had from this guy yesterday cause of 23$ PayPal Abeg make una no vex bro nah why I no reply this evening cause nah disturbance to the ground I understand

Ok. If you could more explicit, plea kindly tell us what video proof he needed? I want him to make d video has i made mine nd not this crap Are you saying the video was edited 😂 cause I don’t understand.

Help me ask him sir cause I’m tired I’ve to send him someone else usdt How much is 6$ Im really pained right now cause this is the first time I’ll encounter this kind of issue Alright. SAMTAN, kindly announce to witness of the whole members of this group.

Hindu Whatsapp Group Chat Link

When you going to join the Hindu Whatsapp Group Chat Link if you behave well members will dash you money. But I asked you yesterday if I should send the money there you refused Sir I’ll send him is remaining 6$ once I sought out this issue with Kuda please I beg you all in the group for this disturbance.

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Before Monday I should’ve seen a seller and send him his coin please I plead with you all if this have caused any issues. What should I say when you threaten to call me a scammer which I’m not Kindly give him some time to sort out the issue with KUDA.

So as to pay you your buck. Let’s hold him accountable for his words. For me to give you 12$ usdt you should know I’ll never eat your funds I am sorry I no get strength to follow up. What coin is that ? All these back and forth is not important again.

Let him just pay up remaining 6$ and forget the unnecessary matter I’ll bro thanks I don’t even know what to say to him again cause the threat was much How much is the balance ? I want to know why you were tagged a scammer.

I’ve to send him person usdt yesterday bro I swear I never pay the owner till now We are quick to use the word scammer and it irritates me. Person give you reasons why him get issues .. you no chill, you tag am scammer? Haba.

I swear to reply for group come dey do me somehow the thing pain me no be small and I don’t have money elsewhere who won borrow person that kind money this period I no get For me to send him usdt him suppose don know say.

I no fit do anything even the PayPal he send to the namecheap I never use am till now What if his phone doesn’t have the screen recorder features? How much is is the Naira equivalence. Send me his account number make I send am.

Once ya settled you send me And admins here should finds a way to punish people who are quick to tag others scammers on here without concrete reasons I am saying this because I know spot wey bank recent issues don put me.

I am sure @⁨Nuel Asika⁩ still dey vex for me cos our last deal took time Thanks to my bank Guys please recommend a site I can buy SMe data’s. Aimtoget, my card didn’t work there.

Funny part is the shit for no hard me. Na just as i travel I no get access to am .. I never even check wetin u do. Cos I never return to lagos your boy dey find money to buy Fridge and AC for em new apartment.

If you get paid deal for me, I go call you seff by myself If you wan deal with escrow, better find escrow because even escrow Bank Network and safari browser network fit stop to dey work for 3 days.

Leave the man o make in dey enjoy his peace without the burden of being an admin No dey talk like say i force am to pay anything my intention was clear Consequences nd newbies that what even made me talk abt it in d group.

This was the excuse he gave so as to make it seem he has bank issues even after I confirmed that nothing was actually wrong with kuda bank which i sent 2 different receipts here to show the group.

All this is not necessary but just remember you can face this kind of issues somewhere else next time thanks Nd if i like o fit use am do giveaway for this group all na still smalls Get ur facts ryt nd stop stressing people or giving excuses.

No vex sir. I don’t just see how someone who has commence payments and gave reasons on what delays his $6 balance could be tagged a scammer. Do you know what the word scammer means ?
Nah bro his facts were not ryt.

All what he was saying was contradicting that was y everything seemed shady….cos y else will all what he is saying not add up that’s my point all this while My bro just free style am I go drop you him aza now me go fund you when I sought out this issue thanks very much.

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