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You have the choice to choose the kind of blogger WhatsApp group links that soothe you, keep reading for more updates or you simply bookmark this page for 100 groups daily.

Most of the work will be around Off-page (backlinks and decent domain authority)

For the On-page, you can write a good Title tag and Meta description and add it to the HTML file.

Then use effective and optimize copy for the body of the site adding some links with the exact target anchor texts.

Get the sitemap and upload to the root folder and add it to GSC.

These are a few you can do on Custom built sites.

Join Latest Groups:

Follow the links below to join Blogger WhatsApp Groups:

Blogger WhatsApp Group Links

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Blogging WhatsApp Group Link

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However, a blog section will be best to be added to the site with a sub-domain and then run the normal SEO.

1⁩ regardless of the nature of the site, SEO in all ramifications will still work on it.

By SEO in all ramifications, I mean:

✅On-page SEO
✅Off-page SEO
✅Technical SEO

WordPress itself is built on PHP and MySQL. A piece of written code to make up the structure. I don’t think it’s SEO-coded. It is just a platform to create a site/blog but with numerous SEO-optimized options.

Such as Permalink structure (best-recommended post name, funneling (when it comes to creating categories), inserting an SEO-optimized theme, and other variations to ensure proper UI and UX.

Creating your sitemap, inserting Google analytics and search console script in the header (of the coded site). Your designer will have to do that for you.

Ensuring images are SEO-optimized, by inserting keywords and image titles (helps a lot with ranking).

Linking to related resources and external resources. It Helps keeps users staying longer on your page, thus increasing pageviews and reducing bounce rate.

Linking to external resources helps improve E-A-T. Tells Google you really went into research.

Ensure your coded site Technical-SEO is in check.

✅ Easy to navigate.
✅ No lagging
✅ No overlapping

Ensure all the features mentioned above are in check with your custom-developed website, and you will be alright.

How To Join Blogger WhatsApp Group Link?

First of all, Make sure you have enough data on the sim network, now open your device’s default browser and type in the blogger Whatsapp group link and hit ENTER button, Search engine page will now display more than 100 blogs that publish WhatsApp groups for you to select and join.

Blogger WhatsApp Group Links Rules

✅ Advertising days are Monday and Fridays

✅ If you advertise aside you’ll be a ban or fine

✅ No spamming at all

✅ Abusive language is not welcome

The link you are seeing here is for bloggers meaning anything out blogging is not allowed so feel free to join serious and happy Blogger WhatsApp Group Links for helpful tutorials.

You are free to share your thought via the comment section below and don’t forget to forward this post (Blogger WhatsApp group links) to your audience on social media


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