Michael's life story



They both went back to their boss the next day with their record book and the account they did on their own, telling their boss that no money was missing, maybe he made a mistake while doing the account the previous day but their boss refused to repeat the account and threatened not to pay them there two months salary he was owing them if they don’t return his money.

Since it happens to be that their boss has refused to sit and repeat the account instead he is always claiming he is overly busy, the boys decided to look for someone who was also close to their boss and was an accountant, since the boss has stopped them from working and has replaced them with somebody else.

After doing the account privately with the accountant and confirming that there was no money missing they concluded on going with the accountant to their ex-boss, on reaching there, their ex-boss saw them and the accountant but greeted the accountant and faked a call, the accountant walk up to him as his friend and was about telling him why they came but the boss quickly interrupted him by telling him he doesn’t have a chance and was going somewhere important.

Michael and Ajemina were advised by neighbors to forget about the money because mare looking at the situation on the ground their so-called boss doesn’t want to pay them the money.

Michael’s goal became chattered because after what his hotel boss did to him and his colleague he took a decision never to work for any person again instead he will look for a way to create his own business and also become a boss on his own.

While Michael was still looking for a way to create his own personal business, he found himself in an investment company where he worked as a marketer. One thing about this marketing job is that it is so so stressful, you have to walk from one place to the other with flyers just to convince people to come and invest, and one other thing is that the company’s payment was very poor, théy pay you according to the number of customers or investors you bring to the company.

Things became very tough and rough for Michael due to the poor performance of investors on his account because it wasn’t easy for him to convince customers to come and invest.

Most of the time Michael would have to go from one nearby community to the other all in the name of trying to convince and get enough customers on his account.

This became so stressful and tiring for him to the extent that he decided to quit the job and found himself in another marketing company.

This company’s production was basically on supplements commonly known as early morning tea in the area.


Though this was also stressful because you have to carry a big stainless flax or cooler as you may call it with supplement tea inside from one place to the other selling it to people who want it, the difference between this supplement company and the investment company was that in this supplement company, you don’t have to stress yourself much by walking too much before you see a customer that will buy from you.

and in the area of payment though it is also like the investment company that you according to your sales but it has a little difference in the area of supplement because it’s easy for you to complete one or two flax a day which has about thirty cups of supplement tea in each of the coolers.

Michael worked in the supplement company for quite some time after making some reasonable amount of money, he decided to quit the job and used the money he made to buy a motorcycle commonly known as OKADA

Though Michael became an OKADA man the difference was that he had time for himself and nobody will come and shout at him ( Michael why didn’t you go to work today, or why are you coming to work late )?
Michael ok with his OKADA ridding because at least he was having something as daily income and he was now a boss on his own.

While Michael was riding his OKADA he was still extending helping hands to his family. Benson who was Michael’s elder brother graduated from school as an Electronic, Mechanical, and Electrical engineer and was hoping on God for a job soon either from the government or private sector or institution.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams Jack had a chat with their children and concluded that the eldest son Benson the first child and son was out of school and now a graduate, Michael who was supposed to be the next in line to go to the higher institution is into business due to not enough money yet.

Let them all put their hands together and support the youngest child the last daughter and last born of the family to go to the university since it happens to be that she just finished her S.S.CE examination, and they all agreed and sent her to the university.

Michael due to a lack or not enough funds to further his education decided to enroll himself in an electrical skill acquisition, Michael was very attentive to his teacher when in class, he learned very well and graduated as a good Electrician who is now being awarded so many many big contacts.

Though Michael’s dream, goal, and heart desire to go to a higher institution to further his education has been delayed but will never be denied because one big contract alone will grant him admission into any institution of his choice, and can still be going to work while in school.
So don’t give up, keep trying for God’stime is the best.


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