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So, I posted here last year about buying some couple of domains every new year and work on them. So, I did the same this January after I joined Ezoic WhatsApp Group Link I bought some couple of domains and start working on them, so far about 4 have been fully monetized with ezoic.

Ezoic WhatsApp Group Link

Now I choose to join Ezoic WhatsApp Group Link because I found it work well for me. But I want to talk about that last one that was monetized by ezoic. The last 2 domain I got was on the 12th of January. But I start work on one about 19th or 18th of this month.

Then after writing some couple of content and made sure everything was okay because I wanted to experiment something new the blog started getting some couple of traffics and small click from google.

I applied for ezoic on last Saturday and by Monday everything was set, and ads already started showing on that blog Now what I have learnt is that, once you start your blog. The first activities that’s go on that blog are very important.

That is time you need to focus on publishing good content so that search engine can notice you and maybe you could get monetized with ezoic or AdSense or any ad network of your choice What about copy blogger. What is the solution.

The members of the Ezoic WhatsApp Group Link will guide you on how to avoid Copy and paste which result to Google AdSense penalizing you for Plagiarism, especially for new blogs Copy blogger is smart copy. It’s not ordinary copy.

How do you get around MCM account without the issue of duplicate account or stuff like that? You know I use this as a side hustle, I do sale off those accounts.

So, to make sure I get on track, over time I developed some tools I use making things smooth. So, I will advise you clear your browser cache and also use Mozilla instead of the normal chrome Good one boss.

So, like how many posts did you have on those domains when you applied? Some of these Ezoic Whatsapp Group Link I saw online is giving different answers. I hardly use them Our GPT plus group payment is on now if u is interested.

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This is the question I asked in the Ezoic Ads Whatsapp Group; I have this issue. When I wanted to apply for my AdSense, I used a friend’s laptop and so mistakenly used his logged in email address. Every effort to have him give me the email proved abortive as he said it’s his main email.

Jones was a digital marketer who had been struggling to find a reliable and profitable ad platform. She had tried several ad networks, but none of them seemed to work for her. One day, she came across a WhatsApp group called “Ezoic Ads” and decided to join.

To her surprise, the group was full of digital marketers like her who were sharing their success stories with Ezoic Ads. They were not only making good money but were also getting a lot of support from the community.

Jones was intrigued and decided to give Ezoic Ads a try. She signed up and started running ads on her website. Within a few days, she saw a significant increase in her website traffic and revenue. She was thrilled with the results and decided to share her success story with the group.

The Ezoic Ads WhatsApp group had become her go-to place for advice and support. She was constantly learning new things from the group and even made some new friends. The group members were always willing to help each other, and Jones felt like she had found a community that truly understood her struggles as a digital marketer.

Thanks to Ezoic Ads and the amazing community on the WhatsApp group, Jones had finally found a reliable and profitable ad platform. She was grateful for the support and knew that she would continue to thrive with the help of her new friends.

I have the email login and I have been using the AdSense for up to two years now.
Is there any solution to this because I can’t just continue the bank on someone’s email, not knowing what tomorrow holds.

Add another Gmail as admin and after 7 days remove his Gmail Na where wahala dey .
I added another email some time ago. No option to remove or change its access level Won’t work unless the person is not a blogger that will know how to change payment details.

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You will make the new email an admin from the main one first then you can remove it Add your payment details before removing because you can only change it from the primary email Lastly all these will be useless if he is a blogger and knows his way around AdSense giving the fact you don’t 100% trust him.

No, this one is not a blogger. My measure issue is what the future holds. This is more than 10x payment received. As much as he is not a blogger, he may not be 💯 protective of the email cos he doesn’t know what is at risk 🤣.

Meanwhile you got fall out with the person tomorrow and possibility of changing the payment details will not be there. You can only change payment details from his email.

And mind you that you can’t sell the AdSense either because I doubt anyone would buy an AdSense without primary email So it’s mainly for your own use, your bank is there already just adding your email in the user management section then makes it an admin. Voila you’re good to go.

Inconclusion: Ezoic Whatsapp Group Link is a solution center question and answers, please who can upload app on Apple Store and play store here How much will AdSense that’s 10years old plus and have been receiving money every month since 2016 cost? Just an enquiry a beg. Does anyone have an idea how much it costs to register a company online via CAC.