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How much I pay you for $70 paypal to take solve this problem? even at that the case was not closed the person that caused the problem was not even picking calls I have said what’s in my mind for anyone that cares to take note.

Builder⁩ anytime Ur name pop up here fight must sup with bezem but u both had beef before with each other and don’t want to let it slide Arinze I remember when u want to teach us Saas and one other one back then.

People show interest but u never show up again, pls help a bro me want to learn 😔 Nigeria dey show person shege Person wan send una YouTube link to learn una say na SAAS (and the way I know arinze, he goes find waybill people.) it’s well, ma not to talk sha.

Zawarawa WhatsApp Group Link

You should know that he couldn’t find a means to advertise using that strategy or e no sabi am. Na em way. The guy like to break rules. He will find a way to gain sympathy. That doesn’t work with me. No talk before everywhere scatters.

So, u mean arinze should be studied in the university as an advertisement course Gbam.
3 credit units’ course and a must pass course be you graduate. His trick can’t be found in any corruption dictionary.

Yeah, let us not be selfish cos some of us earn in dollars, if you are not earning four figures above u go still fill Am not being selfish bro. I posted it here because it’s really painful correct bro…. this country don spoil sincerely.

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My aboki send me voice message this morning. i wonder how high student that wanna pay for school fee in UK. Everybody dons tired bro. things dey high every day sincerely. Not saying your boss, I mean if we can all support good governance irrespective of ethnic and religious differences.

we won’t have been this worst I stood my ground against voting, preach and preach even those I preach to knew am Yoruba and see me as hypocrite. No be only u o.

All those people that where shouting Awalokan here are really struggling hard than those that did not support them sef It’s painful honestly, like this I don’t give up like totally lost hope in this country, I will soon find my way out of this country by next year as an international student, let me get my papers ready.

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On a serious note, I have been contemplating moving to Ghana since they are still in ECOWAS. Atleast from there it will be easy to process things Ghanian are lamenting too.

You can look elsewhere I have people in ghana I know, from there move elsewhere Because mehn this country have turned something else 2 million naira when converted to cedis can’t last for 2 weeks if u wan live comfortable life Everyday different problem.

No implementation to help the masses They should just divine Nigeria, make everybody rest.
Yoruba go ur way Igbo go your way and Hausa go your way This thing is just so disheartening. People are dying of hunger.

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I saw a video, in Lagos, people were in line to be given 100-naira bread. And they were being flog Like people’s father, mother and grandparents. If u see what senator oshiomole told his fellow counterparts u will wipe for this country.

I have a friend that was a hard-core supporter of Tinubu, for the past two months I have not heard from the dude, and I don’t care because it was people like him that gave him ground to rig the election.

Nigeria needs someone that knows the game not this one that is just after power Election have consequence, He only want his name to be written as Nigeria president He have achieved that, why not give room for someone that can do that job.

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