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This country Eeehen. if u have 1$ paper now, na money u get for hand! #1700?Imagine $10 = 17k for domain we used to buy 3500. Fow how long we go endure. is now N1,300. U no fit beer again 😂 u better join ur ibadan people protest tomorrow.

It is well my brother, Milo 800g wey dey sell for 1700 before na 4200. Milk for 6000. People dey minimize kids now adays now. after installing wordpress through Softaculous, how long will the website come live immediately bro.

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If u install am well! Where are those Tinubu supporters in this group? They have not said anything since. Them keep quiet now abi

How I go buy domain 17k? What madness is that? I for don start trekking to Europe last year, after them declare Tinubu winner, by now I for don reach Italy or Spain🥲 Ibadan election was a deal election.

Karachi Defence WhatsApp Group Link Rules

  • No Spamming of links.
  • Avoid false information.
  • Be yourself and mind your business.
  • You must comment on every topic.
  • Respect your age and others will reciprocate.

Take note all the above Karachi Defence WhatsApp Group Link Rules are very important so you are to keep and stick to them without breaking them, if you do (break it) the chat admin will remove you from the platform.

Because this is the first time I dey hear say you have to wait before ya website goes live if a fresh WordPress installation with Softaculous ever take more than 1 minute, then something is wrong. It should never what might be the problem.

Delete the file and start the installation again if you have nothing to lose. At this rate we may see 2,500 soon. I just weak. Adsense no gree give approval domain expiration date don reach. What’s the error. You can share a screenshot here.

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Here is the list of Karachi Defence WhatsApp group invite links selected for you to join.

  1. Show the flag
  2. YEE tee CONTA
  3. Loupad goatings
  4. Comouta Hildam
  5. Rollas Turning OZ

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Click on the site or admin login link and let see what it says Buying domain and hosting for foreign or local host wick one cheap pass? I email them and they have rectified the issue I was using custom nameserver before now they changed it to my host nameservers that’s what I want to say, that u should contact them.

exactly. nameserver that’s why is not connecting they said I should wait for 12-24 hrs i used Namecheap and it connect after the installation! sometimes it will not reach that time oo. You can check now. Is like it connected!

How To Join Karachi Defence WhatsApp Group

Let cut every story short and go straight to the point, to join Karachi Defence WhatsApp Group via Links, open your smartphone and navigate to WhatsApp Application tap on it and then minimizes it, open your web browser type mykoreanhub.com and search for Karachi Defence WhatsApp group chat URL and then click to join, that’s it you’re good to go.

The wp I installed last month on Namecheap took about 12 hours to propagate. Stop making that guy fear. Once you’re not use default *DNS*, propagation takes time. Don’t mind them. It will come up in 6-10 hours’ time.

Namecheap is faster but xpensive This not by fear, am telling you my experience u Dey say fear. The issue with his own na nameserver. Abeg if una receive payment tomorrow, if Dem concert am to naira, let us know abeg.

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Omo this Festinger vault is one of the best things that has ever happened to me around here you dont want to help this country? 😉 make we find another thing like Festinger VAult buy I think that has been done. I don’t know if it is still active.

That’s true, there have been diff rumors regarding Dom acct, please let’s know what’s up I guess Google uses WIRE Transfers, I don’t think Wire transfers is among the Memo. Wait until Dem convert ur funds at 1200/$ Lol, nah it won’t happen!