King Jakuze iroko ikoso



Once upon a time in a faraway country, there is a certain village named IKOSO, there lives a great and Noble King known as King Jakuze.

King Jakuze of IKOSO village or community as you may call it is the first and ever lived King of IKOSO since it was founded. IKOSO village was founded in the year 1896, ever since then the village has been in existence but there was something about the people of IKOSO that marveled everyone around them including the neighboring villages even to the point of envying the people of IKOSO.

Ever since IKOSO was created and founded in the year 1896 the people of IKOSO had lived in peace and harmony and at the same time minding their business.

IKOSO village was a very small village but was blessed with a lot of natural resources like Gold, Seafood, and all kinds of fruit you can think of.

The young men of IKOSO are very huge and strong but they don’t look for trouble, they are very handsome and can easily be fallen in lofve with if not careful. IKOSO young men are hard-working, every morning you see them lined up with tools like guns, bows and arrows, cutlasses e.t.c heading towards the forest for animal hunting.

The women of IKOSO are other wonderful creatures that I can’t take off my mind, both their young girls and women are so beautiful to the extent that you can’t differentials between the young girls and married women who are more beautiful or prettier, they are ever young and beautiful and that is one of the reasons why the neighboring villages are always envying them.

IKOSO had no leader or King for about 50 years since it was founded until when a certain village called IROKO challenged the people of IKOSO into a fighting contest.


IROKO village is the closest village to IKOSO, the young men of IROKO have been harassing the women of IKOSO molested and most had them abused.

IROKO is a village a little bit bigger than IKOSO village but the difference between IKOSO and IROKO was that the people of IROKO invest in different kinds of business while the people of IKOSO Base on their farming and hunting. The women of IROKO are also beautiful but not as beautiful or pretty as the women of IKOSO.

Due to the harassment of the men of IROKO towards the women of IKOSO, the people of IKOSO accepted the challenge to embark on a fighting contest with the people of IROKO.

After the challenge has been accepted by the people of IKOSO and the date for the contest had been given to be after the 2 IROKO market days, the people of IKOSO were having one big problem within themselves which is;

(What will they do now that they don’t have a King like the people of IROKO King Obio, who will be their chief warrior to train the young men in a competition against the upcoming fighting contest )?

The people of IKOSO assembled themselves in the town square deliberating on the matter and finally came to a conclusion after considering the suggestions and opinions of some personal, they finally reached a conclusion that whoever wins the training competition will emerge automatically as the head and chief warrior of IKOSO village.

This conclusion brought a motivational spirit upon the youth of IKOSO and for these reasons, the youth of IKOSO put in their very best in the training competition in order to make sure the men of IROKO are defeated hands down.

While the training competition was on going inspection was also going on to know who is picking up fast, at the end of the IKOSO competition which ended 2 days to the contest JAKUZE was confirmed to be the winner and strongest among the warriors of IKOSO and was assigned to be the leader and chief warrior of IKOSO village.

Now it was the D day for the contest and everyone had arrived and was all sited on the playground of IROKO village the venue and arena for the contest, all ears were waiting for the bell to be rung so that the fight can begin.

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