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E go better for anyone that supported this Mb WhatsApp Group. Especially free Mb WhatsApp Group Link Where you want to see them again. No one gree say dem vote, and I like what he’s doing. I even wish for him to come and close this country at once.

Better take your medicine the funniest thing is that. everywhere na curse people dey curse the man… imagine small income at 8k, bag of rice at 75k for my side. Mhen am honestly tired Bag of rice long grain I bought in December for 60k.

Mb WhatsApp Group Link

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Apart from me 🥴 he’s the best president we have right now, and I wish more intelligent president like this after 8ys Went back to buy another on Monday and the told me it was 85k and short grain 70k.

This is a very big mess we are in and the goat just approved N24,143,494,567.32 billion Naira to settle Hajj pilgrimage liabilities & subsidy the man will not last 8yrs bro Watch and see 😒 I don’t know why you guys hate a good president like this.

I can’t read that figure. na who dey cash out weekly/monthly with $ and not care about who dey scrow to survive will love this Tinubu regime sincerely Money I no get 😪 but this country will never have peace.

Don’t curse my brother, continue with ur prayers. Good morning everyone What’s good about this morning 😒 The web app is on the process, launching in 2 months Is the paid version as good as grammerly? Perfect, it will show you the source of a plagiarized version.

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Someone predicted 900/$ last month. His prediction has failed him once more. Lol! Since three years, Una still dey prepare for this🤣.

Mek Una rest a beg the inflation level is over 220%. Standard of living isn’t living again. Bag of cement is 10,000. What can you even build? Minimum wage na still 30k Make una beg @⁨~Wale⁩ to refund my money.

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I no understand this kind thing sef PayPal chargeback Refund na wahala 8 yrs old PayPal acc, 6 chargebacks, all from I told him to stop using the account yet after a week another chargeback still came.

I bought PayPal at this rate to refund and close the dispute He said he can’t pay me at this rate Abeg use voice note make we understand u well U just dey talk like say we knw how the business start Ok, refund what I paid you for na this has been since last week Saturday.

Anybody that knows him go and tell him to refund Na for people wey talk say we go still dip cos of the dollar giniko wey Dem do that time. Be like me and u talk say we go still rise A minimum wage can’t buy a back of rice.

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I used to know Anyone here interested in managing social media for a sports platform should holla in my DM If you are into sports betting, it’s a great advantage. It’s a remote job and the pay is 40k. So we should not post job advert for Ad screed members?

Na now I see am say na evil spirit day do you If this issue is not address today, I will be leaving this group I don’t see unity here and who cares? If you don’t leave this group today, then you’re not man enough.

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MB is working! I keep saying Benma is sucking this free Mb WhatsApp Group dry with his approach. But it looks like I am trying so hard to sell backlinks Well I will just keep quite like I have always been doing. But the fact remains, this is not the ad screed.