Michael's life history



This is a brief on how a young man named Michael started his life’s journey after he finished his S.S.C.E examination in a government school. Keep reading to know more about MICHAEL’S LIFE HISTORY EPISODE 1.

Michael came from a family of seven (7) and he was the second son and fourth born of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Williams Jack.

Michael who has the vision and interest in furthering his education in a higher institution was not able to accomplish his heart’s desire due to some family challenges.

At that time Michael completed his secondary school certificate examination his elder brother Benson was still in the higher institution studying Electronics, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering while his juniors were also in the senior secondary School and the only person fending for the family was Mr. Williams Jack their father who worked as a civil servant in the local government and that was his only source of income.

Michael who had just finished his S.S.C.E examination had no option but to look for a supporting means that will help or boost him to further his education because he knows that continuing to wait for his dad was like waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. Michael later found himself in a bar and restaurant hotel where he worked as a barman or Waiter.

Michael who became a waiter in a hotel just to make money to further his education later became the second or number two breadwinner of the family. Due to some family responsibilities that were on Michael, Michael was unable to complete and Grant his wish to make and save enough money that will help him out in his schooling aspect.


Michael later became so stressed out to the point that he started going to work late, Michael had a second in his department as a bar-man or Waiter.

One faithful day it was the beginning of a new week, Michael and his second both got to work late and on reaching there a message was given to them by a female staff in the hotel that their boss was looking for them, on hearing that they became scared a little bit with the mind that their boss would want to sack dismissed them for coming late for quite some time unknown to them that it was a different reason altogether.

In the evening hours of that same day, the boss approach them in their quarters and demanded that they come with their record book to his office. Michael and his colleague took their record book to their boss who collected it and did an account with them and also concluded that some money was missing.

But these two boys Michael and Ajemina who was Michael’s second decided to go with the record book to a corner where they did the account on their own and found out no money was missing.

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