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Are you searching for a MoniePoint WhatsApp Number, Email Address, and Phone Number? here comes the right place to get all the Monie Point customer service support contacts.

The common effects of heat waves on humans are dehydration which can lead to fainting or death, chickenpox, heat rash, and psychological stress. In order to cope with the current climate conditions, experts have advised that we Should -drink more water to keep hydrated.

MoniePoint WhatsApp Number

  • +2349088430803

This is the Real MoniePoint WhatsApp Number 09088430803 for those who want to chat and send screenshots for mobile and POS terminal issues.

Keep a water bottle with you to remind you to take water. -Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during this period. -Reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat. -Fresh foods, fruits and vegetables are better options.

-Monitor your blood pressure -Should, as much as possible, stay indoors between 12noon and 3pm -Should take cold baths before going to bed at night -Please endeavor to adhere, we need you hale and hearty!

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Stay blessed all. Thanks 👍🏻 I have not been able to send airtime since this morning help me out How did I offend moniepoint, it like after this month I will stop using this terminal.

Good morning please go through your statement of account from your phone and confirm with what you have on your record to see if there is any discrepancy because if there is any transfer done through the app.

it will not show on the pos, but all transaction will show on the statement of account. If there is any transaction you are sure that didn’t drop send it here for confirmation.

MoniePoint Email Address

Also, you can take a further step of recording each and every of your day-to-day transactions manually on a separate book This an example of my daily transactions sent to MoniePoint Email Address, with this I have been able to track my transactions even when am not around and the pos is ran by my salesgirl.

It may be difficult if you run a volume transaction, but you can put it in a day to actually see what your daily transactions are and even your daily profit. I have column for my cash balance and the corresponding pos machine balance, it will go a long way to help you know when someone tampers with your money.

MoniePoint Phone Number

  • 01-888-9990

Dear members, you would have noticed recently that the heat during the day and night have been unbearably high. This is as a result of MoniePoint phone number is woking 24/7.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm nights. This preparation will require smart adaptation strategies and engaging in climate resilient practices to cope with the damage that has been done.