This is a story of a man named OKWERE, OKWERE was a man that his parents loved so dearly because of his hard work. He was very supportive in the house and he was the second son of his parents. He was the kind of person that does not care if his elder brother and sisters do anything in the house but he took it upon himself to do all the domestic work, because of all these works he was not opportune to finish secondary school.

OKWERE’s elder brother known to be ruji was opportune to go to school, while okwere continued struggling in life. he tapped palm wine killed fish, and also go for hunting.

As time goes by he fell in love with a woman named Ngozi, and finally married her. Ngozi was a beautiful young lady, she was fair in complexion, average in height, and also a peaceful woman but don’t try looking for her trouble. As time goes on OKWERE and Ngozi finally gave birth to four children namely: Court, peace, better, and happiness.

The family lived happily along the way Mr. OKWERE secured a job in a school as a security man, he worked for twelve years and later quit the job due to old age and finally decided to hold on with his fishing and palm wine tapping.

He was also a man that loved God so much and was also very serious with his duty as a bell ringer in the church. He was a man that loved anyone that comes across him (be ye a stranger or not)and was also very close to children, his family, and the members of the church.

He never had much but gives the little one he has to the stranger. Okwere was fondly called the peacemaker, and along the way, OKWERE found another woman called Angelina. Angelina on the other hand was also a beautiful young lady, dark in complexion, fat, and average in height, She was also the last born of her parent.

Angelina was a hard-working woman, very neat when it comes to washing clothes, she doesn’t want to know whether the cloth is hers, her children’s own, or a stranger’s that came for visit, she would make sure she washes them very clean.

Angelina had this olden days rubber that has novel and dark in color that she use to fetch water and whosoever that See’s it would want to drink from it due to the coldness of the water. Mr. OKWERE and Angelina also gave birth to nine children namely: Love, Beauty, Solomon, Victory, Esther, Francis, Prince, Joy, and AMAKA. They all lived as one big happy family.


Mr. OKWERE and Angelina continued with their life struggle, Mrs. Angelina also engaged herself in church activities, she followed in the footsteps of her husband, until suitors started coming to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage and the males began to get married. Mr. OKWERE’S suffering was so much that even when he told he didn’t enjoy or eat the fruit of his labor.

OKWERE’S children were still managing themselves in suffering until one of them suggested that they seem the face of God, one thing Mr. OKWERE did was that he didn’t allow his children to go to any native doctor’s shrine for consultation but showed them the way of the Lord and also the church they attended was known to be a spiritual church ( Christ army church) G.B.C. so along the line the suggestion was carried and they visited the man of God, so after the prayer and counseling they were told by the man of God that the problem was coming from their uncle.

At first when he mentioned their Uncle’s name they were all shocked, and he added that God is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should repent. the man of God told them that they told them that their uncle took away their Stars and gave them to his own children, and also took away the placentas of OKWERE daughters and planted them in a plantain.

Right there he announced to them that they will soon lose someone in the family if something is not done immediately, a few months later Mr. OKWERE became blind and it lasted him for some years, this was a very serious issue to the extent that everyone in the village started murmuring about the incident that has happened in the family of Mr. OKWERE.

Mr. OKWERE wept so bitterly to the point that he was very sick and his children became so confused that they don’t know what to do rather than rush him to the hospital with the mindset that it was a medical problem, unknown to them that it was a spiritual battle. So after every test and drug has been given to him they left the hospital which was at Calabar to their house in emouha local government area in Rivers State where the son of Mr. OKWERE’s elder brother met them and told them not to bother themselves about their father’s health that he would take care of the bills.

They were all happy about the news that because none of them were present there was even financially capable, so they continued with their journey due to the incident that occurred in the life of OKWERE. He stopped performing his duty in the church which was ringing the bell but continued going to church, he never relented rather he continues to invite more souls to church forgetting the pains he was going through.

Most times he would want to go alone with his working stick but his wife would not let him do that.

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