One faithful Wednesday of fasting and prayer when they were all in the church, there came a prophecy that the blindness was caused by his elder brother ruji because of the love he had for his elder brother he couldn’t believe it instead he kept on doubting the prophecy and what his children were saying.

He never believed that his own blood brother could do such a thing to him (we are in a world where brothers are killing brothers and sisters killing sisters) Mr. OKWERE continued with his blindness eating without knowing the kind of food he was eating, Mr. OKWERE first wife caused him to die instead of suffering them like that.

Mr. OKWERE was not surprised because right from that time she never bothered to see or give him water to drink not to talk of food, this was very bad of her to the point she told him to his face that he should confess and die meanwhile she knows her husband Mr. OKWERE more than anyone.

Mr. OKWERE started wondering and asking her what her problem was but no reply instead she kept on sighing, the only luck Mr. OKWERE had was his second wife Angelina who slept in the same room with him, brings water to the bathroom and also prepares food for him to eat.

Angelina was very close to her husband, she always create time for herself to have sweet gist with her husband. After some months Mr. OKWERE’s elder brother developed an illness that lasted him for months and he was rushed to a different hospital but all to no avail.

One faithful day when a man of God was observing his morning call the spirit of God ministered to him to go to rujis house where he was lying, he asked what should be done when he got to the place and he was told to tell Mr ruji to confess before he dies.

The man of God proceeded to ruji house and told ruji to confess but he refused and gave up the ghost. All gathered in his house cried but did not respond; all they could do was bury him, which was the end of ruji.

The whole village was filled with joy and rejoicing to the extent that everywhere in the community you will see people drinking, playing music, dancing, and eating because an evil wizard is gone. Mr. OKWERE cried because his brother was dead unknown to him that his brother ruji was his enemy, after he refused to eat for some days and also bath things became worst for him to the extent that Mrs.

Angelina who was a caring wife became tired of her husband, different things started ringing in her head, it made Angelina start crying and asking herself additional questions like: (what kind of a life is this, why can’t my husband hear me when I speak)? One faithful morning Mr. OKWERE’s first wife Ngozi was on her way to the farm when she started shouting for help in my head and that was the end of Mrs. Ngozi OKWERE.

She was been buried in the forest and the Christ army members cried for her because she was their member but none of them came for her burial because it seemed she was also an evil woman and it became a shame to her people.


Mr. OKWERE was asking God what the problem was and why there are things happening in his family like that. He kept on thinking and crying every day of his life, he could eat or sleep any longer. things kept on getting worse each and every day until his relations started coming to his house to talk to him, his church members were also telling him to stop doing what he was doing to himself but he replied to them saying that the pain and problem that is happening in his life is too much.

He also started asking people if could it be that there is no God again. And that he has worshipped and served only one God and yet things are still this bad for him. There has been no work for his children and no reasonable suitors coming for his daughter’s hand in marriage yet he can’t see but death has entered his house and is taking away his household.

So he started crying again and his illness became worst for him, everyone became scared and quickly rushed him back to the hospital for a check-up and treatment, after going through severe pains, and undergoing a series of surgeries, things still didn’t go any better instead the case became worst than before. we had no other option than to go to God in prayer, those of us that have not been to church for a very long time and don’t even know how to pray suddenly became spiritual and were cabashing all because we wanted our father to be alive.

But all the effort we put through in order to save our father Mr. OKWERE, was like a waste of time and after being in the hospital turning it into our house for the sake of our father both nights and days we lived there in the hospital, staying beside our father, watching him as he was battling with life for about four to five days but all to no avail.

At the end of both time and money spent and days spent in the hospital with our dad, we still lost him. on that faithful day we cried so bitterly, calling on the name of God but nothing happened. We had no option but to take him to the mortuary, we finally deposited his corpse in the mortuary and then we left for the village to announce the news of our beloved father Mr. OKWERE.

It is written that in all things we should return thanks to God almighty because he is the giver and taker of life, so in a case, like we say thank you for you alone knoweth why it happened, already the Bible made it known to us that it’s appointed unto a man once to die after that the judgment follows.


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