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Those that voted Tinubu did Cedis coming! They’re chasing shadows, if you like tax wheelbarrow pusher, dollar won’t come down. They can’t borrow again, so they’re looking for money that they’ll share among themselves.

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The thought their brother will be sending palliative every week One Of them was advising Tinubu on twitter that any palliative he is sending should be distributed by individuals I was like, wtf is wrong with these zombies.

People are aspirin for development and growth, the idiots are after palliatives till now shishi them never see na so their mentality dey My own be say I go still vote Tinubu for 2027 he must complete his 8yrs and after I will vote shettima they went after abokifx, dollar did not come down.

Shoot bdc, it didn’t come down now na binance, flutterwave and chipper them Not only that. A stupid person will support stupidly not knowing he will suffer the aftermath. The problem is that those that warn him will suffer with him.

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Cos, I think the naira is going to stabilize at 2k oh. then we go dey drag 2k-2500 till year end There is nothing that can stabilize the naira at this point. If protects continue unchecked, dollar will hit 3k by December.

The stabilization has to be enforced by economic change where the naira start gaining some strength from local productions but the ones, we were managing have said, the will no more produce in Nigeria.

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  1. I’m bless to share this
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  5. You understand right

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When they were spending lavishly on renovation and moving billions into personal account e no matter oh That’s why they are dangerous packing money for ecomic growth into ghana must go to hide e no matter.

They won’t suffer alone but will suffer the most See these idiots have no sympathy for the people They know road is now no-go area The increased the made a 50% increase in NCCA tax This happens when tribalism has covered your sense of reasoning.

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This February alone, 3 top companies have short down their production in Nigeria What we are seeing now is what i said last year December. The naira will fall because the money Nigerians living outside where sending have really dropped to 94% so the naira will keep dropping.

At this point, na to chase those idiots comot for that place 🙁 so who get 20k usd go soon turn to 40m and that 40m will be like rubbish in market. we go come dey buy things of about 400k before as 900k.

Una dons receive payment for una dorm account una don lock up No be so oo Them no go wake up before then send payment? Please if you’re interested in the whole BHW thing… just vote below and I’d know your part of the people who will donate 10k.

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Spaghetti is now 2k, if you come to my house and I give you food, after eaten just climb bed, I no fit shout Are you sure you’re a girl? No be james brown type of girl we day talk oh real girl Nigerian will soon turn to a living hell.