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Go twitter u will see na those way campaign for Tinubu dey cry pass even dey beg for funds to survive He will learn the hard way Nothing concern @⁨bias⁩ with dollar rate his own nah make nobody advertise here.

Only the wicked and ndi-ogwu ego dey cry because of jagaban 😒 na wetin fit them dey still dey teach Peter obi lesson dey will learn in a hard way Walai. Even doh I voted for Atiku.

Time Pass Girl WhatsApp Group Link

If your hand ✋ is clean you no go cry Tinubu wan ban betting. Even if he no fit save Nigeria, he wants to try save us from Mayor of Ekiti. When people were campaigning for Tinubu here, did you talk? so bcos I didn’t talk u went and vote tinubu no worry dem go still flog u again when u line up for bread collection.

If things hard for you, I will help you buy your Ad sense. Oh, ad sense qualify u to be a blogger So without ad sense am not a blogger Yes sir. If you get approval not buying an already made. don’t work for some people, it doesn’t work for me either.

We have been complaining of the inflation and the cause Tinubu as a strategist he is and as man of wisdom and knowledge printed N7 trillion in the last 6 months. Reserve Money has jumped from N17.7 trillion to N24.73 trillion.

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Tinubu is printing money from thin air at a faster rate than Buhari did. He has already printed N7 trillion in 6 months.

So, what’s our fate? We should brace up for what’s coming, inflation will be hitting the roof in the coming months. Till now, I don’t still understand how stupid someone can be to print that amount of the country currency in that rate.

With a weak economy like ours where naira foreign reserve is equal to nothing, I didn’t know them exist someone that Buhari is more intelligent than Hello guys, I keep on getting an error code after putting my phone number to verify a newly opened YouTube account.

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I wanted to upload a thumbnail, but I have to verify my phone number. Good evening bosses, please what could be wrong and what’s is the possible solution to resolve this. This is my main telegram numb that I have been using for years, I wanted to join a class on TG, and I saw this. How can I solve this, or it can’t be resolved.

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Ministry of Trade and investment budgeted billion of naira to go for WTO Conference and u know Nigerian politicians now they follow each other to travel outside like flies following dead body. 30 politicians can go for a Congress or conference outside Nigeria where they only need 2 representatives, waste of taxpayer money Exactly.

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