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050+ Viral Video WhatsApp Group Link

Many things happen daily as most of the viral videos we watched today were posted on Viral Video WhatsApp Group via invite link to enlighten people about what is happening in the community.

Him never pay You just keep harassing yourself Good you didn’t screenshot the part where you started insulting me in a new month Behaving like a kid According to Viral Video WhatsApp Group the person that didn’t do the job but got paid keeps the money in event of a chargeback.

Me that helped collect the money pays for it Is just that this hole isn’t a country I would have looked for you and collect that money Everyone knows that in the Viral Video WhatsApp Group Link of a chargeback.

Viral Video WhatsApp Group Link

There is a lot of argument on Viral Video WhatsApp Group Link but you’re going back to tell me that I have profited in the past I can do to a middy man like you is slapping your head off your neck. See grown up man. All this no for happen if you get mind to tell me that someone that got paid for a job, he didn’t do should keep the money then me that helped receive the money should bear the loss.

I don’t want to do this publicly sincerely but if you decide to go low, I’ll go lower. Imagine wetin person wey get brain talk. Keep reacting like chlorine then, that would solve the problem. How would anyone react when a Mada man like you tells me this Are you really laughing.

We can never be better people Because of people like you Cos I’ve had issues with several people, and I don’t behave like this, or several people have had issues with me Someone that didn’t do a job should keep the money me that helped receive should suffer the loss.

Thank God it wasn’t big money and then you’d say brain dey your skull Like we haven’t been dealing big money Will they chargeback that one too? omg I don’t die This werey don kill me Screenshots dey here.

Make Viral Video WhatsApp Group Link vendors try calculating the profits you make per transaction for you to behave like this to someone who supplies your steady funds You still dey type Everyone knows I just sell funds to end users People here buy from me I don’t withdraw.

Besides I had told you find another buyer because I buy from you at the rate, I can sell How is the little money I make become the reason you wouldn’t refund when a chargeback occurs? Una don check this guy head.

All these trying to deviate from the obvious for 3 weeks now have you refunded the 20k? Wale no allow Satan to use your o People vouched for you here in the past that’s how we started dealing Abi this economy don change you.

Viral Videos WhatsApp Group

Didn’t we have hundreds of good deals because you’ve been buying cars from me, and the clips posted on Viral Video WhatsApp Group. I should allow you go with one. Because we’ve done biz, I should allow you go with this chargeback? Hello bro You don’t have good reasons to even abuse him no matter what.

He should not do good and end up blaming himself this clip will go far via Viral Video WhatsApp Group. Here sometimes last month I helped him receive some fund that nearly broke my teeth, I kept getting insults back and forth from the PayPal guy, I was only begging him.


even though I can decide to abuse him back, but never you hurt anyone who has in one way other the other help you If someone constantly abuses you, the person expects you to do the same by starting first.

After a month of forming I-don’t-care I refunded you the 50k after a month? You start by not responding to calls and you’ve said you won’t refund the 20k for a something I lost more than 80k Now, another chargeback this morning 3 chargebacks in like a month.

if you want to do the right thing, how do you explain 3 chargebacks in one month? It happened on my personal PayPal what do I do please the People of Viral Video WhatsApp Group? I have had this issue with others I reached out to the people involved.

Bro to your Viral Video WhatsApp Group and let’s complete these discussions as others pay your own after 2 weeks you couldn’t get to the person that did the job. get the money from the person that did the job what has the person said after a month.