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Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Group Link audience isn’t easy specially building loyal ones Currently having issue with my CLASS 9.
Money making clicks, CPC and CTR at 0.00 despite the traffic. Ads are live. Massive deductions from my already earned amount to the point of having over 150$ deducted within a day.

Any solution to this please before person will faint here 🤣 No solution if its loading Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Group Link Leave the account for a while, den crate new units. Better still, Find another account. Take this to marketplace good day house.

Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Group Link

Please I changed phone and lost most of my contacts. Please I need someone to help out with the contact of one of our Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Group Link admins here, he was strict n was against blogging arbitrage. I can’t really place his name. He voluntarily left the WhatsApp group then.

Emmanuel wasn’t against Arbitrage bro It was even Emmanuel that encouraged it and led the other one out Which another Admin that was strict and voluntarily left the group? That was when Emma modified the rules, remove Benzems as admin for a while or either way.

No Benzems remove Emma, Emma came back and remove Benzems, the drama was fun 😀 There was one, he was against adsense screenshot and arbitrage back then that the group became a ghost town because of his rules.

Everyone was happy when Emma returned and challenged him. Just like we need to challenge Benzems my Gee Emma don do that, if things are getting out of hand that is when he does come back 😂.

Anytime i see that Emma back on the group, that means drama wan start Was contemplating if the name is Asika or Anselem Na Anselem Ukandu, I don’t remember 😂 How can I get that guy contact Which of them runs a US affiliate blog You guys should leave Benzem alone oh.

He’s not doing anything wrong, just keeping this place organized Let’s all just try to follow the rules I just switch to Glo network and notice that people using Glo end up getting. The firewall on this server is blocking your connection.

When trying to access My site For years now. Glo network doesn’t open many websites MTN sef no d open WordPress C-panel Hmm. And etisalat dey use straw suck data Which is now the best Guys, is anyone yet to receive payment from youtube?

I haven’t got oh MTN is still d best ooo, but whenever I wanna access my C-Panel, I use Airtel That’s how YouTube disappointed me. After I’ve planned this December will be detty Same here 😆

My own na Bank because YouTube sent It My guy sef never recieve too I want cry cos i planned my children ‘ a Christmas shoes on that money Palmpay are witches with their 24% interest Before the money Drop dollars go Rise.

Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Groups

  1. Hot seka-meka:
  2. Face down serious:
  3. Up jack:
  4. The two flags:
  5. The blue game:
  6. Talented comps:

Then if you calculate well, you no go even Pay fees Hubby gave me money Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Groups I spent it thinking nothing spoil Them go rock am New Year be that Now no mouth to even tell him anything Na to run comot from house go my mama house tomorrow, be that.

Ok same bank with me Wetin I go tell their papa tomorrow U go explain, explain, explain till him go come think say u don d kolo Tell them you place order from a country called YouTuberia to ship their gift to Nigeria.

Only you na Nigerian Government Yes na 😆 Then we go blame YouTuberia shipping Delay 😌 I beg Guys. Which DATA plan dey cheap at the moment? think MTN don stop their Double data. I use 5GB for #1500.

It last like 3 to 4 days for me My last subscription on Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Groups na 16k (75GB on double Data) which will end today. last me for 2months but I checked now, Double as been removed! Just need alternative….

This Class 9 Group Icon for WhatsApp Groups update is making sites loose traffic. What’s the possible remedy Not really, but I am not getting the ads impressions I use to get.