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If you no go join Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group others are already joined although I still do self-written, I do both Prompt Engineering, and Self written too I do both of them Make he go use AI write am if e easy to meet Google’s standards and still rank those articles. No mind am.

Google would just push his Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group to number 50 million how much do you know me? What do you know about me? Do you think it is everybody that brags? Boss no start werin u no fit finish o I won’t blame anybody.

Kolkata FF Tips WhatsApp Group

Patrick⁩ if you want to advertise use the Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group Marketplace. That’s none of my business. Just like that without buying create of malt and beer for the group I will buy malt and you’ll drink with *BobRisky*!

Shim is about to give birth Only sorry that can be accepted to join Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group. Urgent about $5 to $10 Btc only urgently needed to complete a checkout, pls if you have sent a dm asap It will reduce, if the ad was approved not quite Long, it will rise.

Just give it like 3-4 hours, it will reduce 3 hours ke, money will have gone by then LoL the cost per link click go reduce Anybody running a livescore site here? We get wetin I want to ask you Anybody running a live streaming site here, me sef get wetin I want to ask.

Good evening house One of us here anonymously based in US gave out *₦500,000* through one of the members accounts to share as a token for what God has done for him this year and so to extend the joy, he said we should give 10k each to 50 members to do Christmas Season.

Members will be selected according to their active participation on this platform. Kindly drop your name and account details here to kick-start the selection. Thank you!

Hence destroying your family unknowingly Your life is full of *curses*. The more you dwell in curses, the more they follow you. Emma Asika warned you of curses and still till today you continue with that lifestyle. The worse set of people you can manage on earth are Nigerians like you.

Once you want right thing to be done, they see you as enemy. Once you’re not dancing to their tune you’re a bad leader. Arinze and Samuel see me as their enemy because I don’t allow them advert on the main group. Even when they attempted to *bribe* me.

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My boss Ben wants to be added back on Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group through link. Abeg you fit give me link Before you take *weeds* try and eat something. To avoid entering market naked! the guy don agrees to pay 5000/$ already My guy wey Dem knack Ads Limit a Month ago Stop this your advert here.

Stop this your advert here or exit the Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group! Hahahaha Benazem, so I now have a style of advert 😂this should be the last time u are warning me for such a thing. Like u don’t know the difference between Advert and Update.

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Does it again, and I will peacefully leave the group for u to eat it up I am not going to warn u again as u have never shared an update in this group Never one day have, I seen u sharing update Prepare your mind for that My people, how far?

Please, is anyone into Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group purchases? There are some products I want to buy. Was wondering if anyone has made purchases from the platform or is generally into it. Please post your adverts in the marketplace.

We dreamt about creating a forum that will challenge nairaland now is a good business. This is *last* warning! Since you have started Arinze style, I will soon remove you. when are you doing Xmas for ur baby, but he is going outta d line most at times.

Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group is still going up daily what happened to server Even if we eventually kickoff the forum, I no pray make u be admin for the group walai 🌝 But let’s be sincere I like Benzamser so much and the way he’s disciplined in this group.

I saw this information somewhere on Kolkata ff tips WhatsApp group via link, so I decided to post it here to motivate some of us to do the giveaway. I wonder how your family will cope. Just like a strict father, we get the level wey e go reach, u no go knows say u don d over do,