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Are you ready to join the Delhi University WhatsApp Group Link because only few spaces remaining for India people to join and chat with loved ones.

Ecommerce in Nigeria is more than stressful Currently, the unstable price of products in the market is the major problem for me eeh. You list an item for 2 naira. You got an order, and went to buy, the same product is currently sold at 4 naira within 24 hours.

Na so I just dey change prices of over 100 products daily. I don tire abeg. How reliable is the 5g please, for those using it I have many WhatsApp Groups, each greater than this ADscreed Group. Come DM I own Betting Prof, latest livescores update.

Delhi University WhatsApp Group Link

Delhi University WhatsApp Group Link should you decide to advertise on any of those. Please who get NordVPN Logs 🙏⁩ abeg shey you get NordVPN logs, one goes Dey always send am here, but I can’t remember his nickname?

If you know him or have it, abeg make una drop am 🙏 It’s very good o MTN even called me to ask if it’s working well. I told them that I don’t have any problem with it What’s the best way receive money from Kenya apart from PayPal abeg? But prices have not dropped in the market yet.

I bought Titus sardine yesterday for N1,200. I come dey tell myself say shey dollars don fall wetin dey happen na🤢 Used to buy it N800 I just closed my eyes and bought at N1,200 because na only wetin you chop for belle be your own.

We no dey carry anything comot from this life, so I spoil myself with what I have appetite for when I can😐 Yes, things are still going up. That is what is confusing me But you know some people sell old stock (cheap price) for new price(high) Is Tinubu certificate legit

U supported who no get legit certificate come dey look for legit certificate werey 😂 The sun is hot this afternoon, I won’t bother to be angry at your actions and utterances Na that sun go dry ur brain till u get sense This is part of what I’m saying.

Still won’t be angry, because it’s difficult for people like you at such a time like this not to be depressed This one u want to register new business hope ur poultry farm is still functioning maybe is it suffering from.

Tinubu effect no worry u goes later depress u never see anything U go still register another business next yr Well this can only come from a very deep shallow thinking human whose less than $14 monthly feel like a billion to!

This is Adewebs Technologies, we are conglomerate of many groups so it’s good you get a life before life actually and finally get you! Ofcourse. I don’t do shady deals and I don’t move with people who do.

You will be involved in the step-by-step process Immediately a site is hit, Bing and duckduckgo will come to give succor to such people. The fight is about spam. Since they released from prison I never comment on your post. I understand your pains, it is frustrations that is making to bark like a bingo.

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The update will take a while, I think till April or so. Many Delhi University WhatsApp Group report their traffic being unstable since algorithm update started. So, until it’s fully rolled out. We can’t really make conclusion. I’ve seen some blogs go down, and then restored back to normalcy all during this update.

Some sites got deindexed and got indexed back. I guess Google is trying to figure out something. So, until the update is fully rolled out. Be careful about over 7years and has been seeing results? My comment is not for prisoner like you.

That he’s the one that’s has been trying to solve the case. I just want to let you our chief Judge. That since that day you guy Wale hasn’t text, called or refunded the money Guy let me be, you don’t talk to me in inbox, you go come group come dey tag me.

has the habit of responding immediately I call him here but would ignore my calls for days. Hardly responds to message but immediately I tag him here he’s every online in the group 😂 When last did you message me the remind me.

I took offense in what you said as you didn’t know nothing about the case. You didn’t know that @Wale had ignored me and refused to fully refund for almost a month now and said that he won’t refund.

The attitude was like ‘I don’t care, do whatever you want’ Till today @Wale hasn’t refunded. The previous chargeback and the last one. make una tell this con man, who keeps making unnecessary point to refund my money.

He’s owing 30k e reach weekend market who did Escrow for the deal? hold that person responsible to solve the matter bro I don’t have details. and can’t get involved just like that. We’ve been dealing without escrow You’ve bought funds from me at least once before.

Knowing you so well, should I insist on escrow when we want to deal? Check the marketplace description bro Ok. If I were to do you bad and you tell @⁨lenzems⁩ or report here and people tell you to go and tell the escrow (when we didn’t use one), will you be fine with that?

You know what I’m saying Anyhow anybody here wants to look at it, people here buy from me without escrow. Because they know me, regardless, something can still go wrong and a third-party might be needed to opine.

But it’s OK if you said it’s not your business. Don’t forget people vouch for this idiot 2yrs ago You already created bad publicity for @⁨~Wale, I’m sure no one will deal with him since he has not refunded you.

The best I can do is remove him on your request except he refunds or has proof you’re making all this up. As escrow, would have had all the details of the deal. This place is like a small country with limited opportunities to go bad, but people always find a way to go bad.

It’s funny I was angry at first not even for the money, but the PayPal was at stake. This donkey kept meandering with stupid care-free attitude. keeps jumping from one point to another, which doesn’t even make sense or apply here.

Are you going for the long-term or short term? This guy didn’t message me or anything, I have series of exams man keeps tagging me instead of doing the right thing. I’ll screenshot the last chat we had here.

You won’t message me and come to the Delhi University WhatsApp Group to rant I’ve been trying to not be abusive towards you, but you keep proving you’re dumb the fool said this and didn’t message me again.