Khaid Phone Number

Khaid Phone Number | Email ID | Home Address 07137950

Get the Nigerian singer and rapper Khaid phone number +23480867385 calls are permitted on mobile, and cellphone networks only, jut down his WhatsApp number or kindly copy this one (0916363589) and save it to your smartphone as Mr. Khaid cellphone number, so that you can easily remember whenever you searched for it through your mobile phone.

Khaid Phone Number

Khaid was a young singer and rapper from Nigeria. He had always loved music and had dreamed of making it big one day. He spent most of his time writing and recording new songs, hoping to one day get noticed by a record label. This is Khaid phone number +23480890888 for you to call.

Despite the challenges he faced as a young artist trying to make it in the music industry, Khaid never gave up on his dreams. He continued to work hard and perfect his craft, pouring his heart and soul into every song he wrote and performed.

One day, Khaid’s hard work and dedication paid off. He was approached by a record label that was impressed by his talent and passion for music. They offered him a contract, and Khaid couldn’t believe his ears.

Over the next few months, Khaid worked tirelessly with the record label to produce his first album. He poured all his energy and creativity into the project, determined to make it a success.

Finally, the album was released, and it was an instant hit. Khaid’s unique style of music and heartfelt lyrics touched the hearts of millions across Nigeria and beyond. He became an overnight sensation, and his music was played on radios and TVs nationwide.

Khaid was thrilled by the response to his music. He performed at sold-out concerts and was invited to appear on TV shows and radio programs. He had finally achieved his dream of becoming a successful musician.

But despite his newfound fame and fortune, Khaid remained humble and grateful. He knew he had worked hard to get where he was, and he never forgot the people who had supported him.

Khaid continued to write and perform music, always striving to improve and connect with his fans. He knew that he had been given a gift, and he was determined to use it to make a positive impact on the world.

For you to know Khaid’s email address, phone number 0902584440, and home address you are to check his social media handlers like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. that’s the right source to get in contact with him.

There is one to hundreds of characters or behaves he hates I’m going drop it here so that you will not be among the people he is going to report and block. here is it; stammering, shyness, not bold, begging for money, asking him out, etc.

In the other way round, he likes being called Khaid especially when you called him for shows and pay huge amounts of money by so doing you wins his heart, and he will save your contact as serious client e.g. kh***id. He’ll try his best to keep to his words by not disappointing you.

Do not flash him, because it will be wasting of time, make sure you have enough data plan or airtime on your phone before calling him or else he’ll not return the call to secure his privacy and identity. kindly recharge your line with 1000 worth of airtime so you both can talk and know each other.

Khaid Email ID

Searching for Khaid email ID? here’s comes a valid email address that is working for both bookings and shows; when you send him an email message do not forget to use English because that’s his secondary language he understands.

Another Khaid’s email address is there something I want you to know this second Gmail is not active meaning is not his official Gmail (might be his manager), the real one is hidden. there are a lot of messages pending while some are in the spam folder, so make sure your texts are clear and understandable.

You’re permitted to text him in English that’s the language he was trained and brough up, you may ask me how do I know that? I will say through his freestyle and hit songs he releases recently apart from his intonation; his appearance and actions speak louder than words.


Use popular Email messenger app to send your message.

Khaid Home Address

Many people want to visit him, but they don’t know how to locate the real Khaid’s house address here’s his home direction; 46 Shibiri, Ojo State, Nigeria. when you get there, kindly ask someone where his house is, and they’ll show you.

Dressing style for men, is a very serious matter when you want to visit any celebrity first of all, your way of dressing has to change and your actions, as a man you are to appear as Gorgeous in such looks you are 100% welcomed and he’ll give you a handshake that to say congratulations.

For women, you are to put on gown, long skirt, and nice cloths that covers every part of your body. before you leave your location remember to brush your teeth, tongue and mouth etc. keep yourself clean and smell good, don’t put too much makeup on your face to avoid scaring him away.

Khaid WhatsApp Number

The easiest way to communicate with him is through WhatsApp chat, because it will not cost you a lot of Airtime or data, to get Khaid WhatsApp number (+23470246896) you’ve to be 20+ of age in order to interact with him.

Is today your first time to search for Khaid WhatsApp number? if yes you just landed on the right page. Now unlock your smartphone and launch WhatsApp app, go to chat, sync and refresh list to get the saved contact of him, tap on it and start chatting.

What Is Khaid Phone Number?

Khaid Phone Number (081068568) is a mobile contact that enables you to reach or call him through your cellphone or smartphone network. if you are calling outside the country simply remove the first zero (0) and then add +234 for instants +23470186220 it’ll connect.

If you are still confused about what is Khaid phone number is all about, kindly scroll down and make use of the comment section and someone will link you up. Drop your question and exercise patience. your comment might be on hold because of spammers activities, but after moderation it’ll reflect on the site within an hour.

Khaid Contact Details
  • Phone Number: 07060045
  • Email ID:
  • House Address: 46 Shibiri, Ojo State, Nigeria.
  • WhatsApp Number: 090966325
  • Website:
Khaid Social Media Links

In Summary: Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon is also known as Khaid in Nigeria, and he’s a superstar male rapper and well known for his sweet voice, and he has more than 1.1m fans within Nigerian, and 40k+ views per day worldwide. If you want to be among his fans follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Or you can contact him direct through real Khaid phone number, WhatsApp number, and email address above.