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Information is being shared daily on News WhatsApp Group Link I’m having the same issue but this time I did the right thing now the government is searching for me to favor me, I’m so happy to join News WhatsApp group chat it helps me stay updated with the latest news worldwide.

News WhatsApp Group Link

You’re on the right page go head and join News WhatsApp group link and read what is going on; this is not right please kindly do the needful send what was requested from you so it can be treated accordingly Madam rosemary do what they told you to do so that the matter will be solved peacefully.

Give the customer session I’d to call his or bank customer service Please kindly visit your bank with this thank you good evening, everyone I bring good news the charges have been revert and our charges still remain the same has before now.

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But please we will not reduce anything let us continue like this. We need gain for the business When will it start taking effects? It has started already Nawa oo how person go just come out come dey hustle in Ven.

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I just got this message from News WhatsApp group link now is unit true. I received a msg i regards to it how much are you charging Better o. But my charges still remain how much are you charging for 10k above I even charge my hubby 15k #400 em just dey para i no even send am self.

gotv should reduce their price and News WhatsApp Group network today was not even stable Noted, it remains as it is. The charges have not been reversed o, it’s still #25 for transfer Reboot your pos It haven’t been reversed.

It has been reversed I did transfer of 80k in the morning they charged me #20 How much do you charge if you recharge goth or DStv Recharging with Active News WhatsApp Group chat no make sense o. Cos no profit at all I don’t understand please I don’t understand.

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To save you time and stress of going around searching for active news WhatsApp groups, you can get it here for free join active news WhatsApp group you can also share the invite link with others.

Sorry, it not only News WhatsApp Group that increased Thier tariff even fuel, Gotv, DStv, dollar, even Maggi and pure water, de only sensible thing here is to increase our own without much Ado and stop complaining.

Since 1st of November, l transfer money from my POS to my Account 80,000, l doesn’t see my money in the POS, l doesn’t see my money in my bank account, please refund my money to me please ma/ sir Do what I ask you to do kindly send correct reference id has requested.

Type the reference code out you can check it from your pos or app so it will be correctly captured please can we accept pending transfer from the app U are lucky is not customer you transferred the money to. U for don see shege.

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