precious Story



Once upon a time in a strange land known as NIGERIA, there lived a young man known as precious and his girlfriend blessing an evil community named Abonnema. Precious who was known to be the blessing’s boyfriend was a hard-working young man who engaged himself in electrical skill work in order to fend for his poor girlfriend’s blessing.

Blessing on the other hand was an industrious young lady who was growing up to become a big businesswoman and wanted the best for her guy. blessing was also hard-working, she engaged herself in different kinds of business in order to provide support for her man things seemed to be rough with him. Blessing was a beautiful young lady who was being admired by most men in the community, blessing was focused and didn’t have time not to talk or give a listening ear because she so much amired her man.

There was a time when things became so rough and tough for Precious and Blessing to the point that no matter the effort they put in to survive, it was as when you pour water on a duck’s bark.
One thing about these two was that no matter how difficult things were for them they didn’t show it out to people or go begging for food or money 💰.

Whenever you see them go out they made sure they dress very well as if everything was ok and perfect with them to the extent that people were even jealous of them and even come to beg them not knowing they are the ones dying and even need help.

Most times after looking at the way things were for them, they will both go to God in prayer and ask him for Mercy if maybe there is any way they might have offended him unknown to them.

After going through pains, sickness, and hunger for quite some time, there was this faithful day they both woke up in the morning looked at the face of each other, and ask how will today look like but there was no answer rather they just sighed and went back to sleep.

Later on, when they woke up it was already evening so they both decided to take a walk outside to see if there will be help somewhere after being in hunger since morning, luckily for them as they took a walk outside, Precious was called upon to do maintenance work in a supermarket and that was how God finally rescued his children from dying of hunger.

God’s time has always been the best and will continue to be the best, no matter the situation or condition you find yourself in, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that God will show Mercy to whom and when he wants to show Mercy, he will also favor whoever he wants to favor. Such is life and don’t also forget to always be patient and wait for God’s time.


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