creativity success


One thing I know and strongly believe is that creativity is another way or means through which one can put food on the table if put into practice, for sure knowledge is power as it has been said and told but if I may ask if you don’t put that knowledge in to practice how will the power come?

If you have the knowledge and the intellect needed to be productive but didn’t make use of it, my brother and sisters I promise you that you will die of hunger with that your so-called knowledge.

What am I saying? You must be creative and must not depend on somebody or on one particular source of income because if you do so you might be disappointed someday.

Most people depend on their monthly salary alone as the only source of income they have. Please will like to use this medium to give you this a piece of advice and a word of encouragement for you to learn a skilled work if you have none because definitely it will be of very good help and support for you tomorrow when that your monthly wages from the government or private sector fails or delays.

At least you can still be having support and earn a living and not go hungry with your skilled work.
Life is all about planning, if you don’t want to become a beggar tomorrow all you need to do is to plan for yourself early against the future because you don’t know what it holds for you, be creative, create assets and not liabilities.

Assets are the only source of income that can continue to pay and put food on your table even when you are old.


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