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Join Canada Jobs WhatsApp Group Link and request for job of your level, e.g Masters, and PHD. the monthly salary is awesome, you’ll not finish your money on unnecessary things. way he dons spend finish that I had to refund personally do I arrest him because of 70k your defense is, it happened to your PayPal payment too this is the first time I’m seeing this please can you just check your inbox and do the needful bro?

Don’t delay many serious people are joining Canada Jobs WhatsApp Group Link because of the payment is high. You had a huge chargeback at some point when you tried getting the money back did you kill those people or wetin you expect me to do Almost all chargebacks are refunded.

Canada Jobs WhatsApp Group Link

Company asking for a refund because of excess payment release via Canada Jobs WhatsApp Group Link, you don’t have a choice the only reason this lingering, you’re where I can’t see you Lol if you see me who are you, I have refunded all in many cases dollar which I would get back to you on and 20k which I would most likely refund you.

Let’s be clear where everyone can see it on Canada Jobs WhatsApp Group Link without issue of chargeback, na it person the use “most likely refund something I dey beg person for time Once arinze refund me I’ll send the money straight to you now e don go reach Arinze Yes.

I’m too good e dey affect me I’ve seen how brutal people me can be asking for a refund in the case of a chargeback is brutal This has been over a month now If I can I’ll get it from you in the future if not for any other thing for the insults.

Right from the first day Emmacyber brought the issue here, Emma has been abusing him up and down. If Wale abused him, it may be because Emma started the abuse. Check almost all the comments from Emma to the guy na insults, while the guy has tried so much not to insult him.

But do you think I brought the case here if he treated it well? Omo it was almost 2 weeks before I brought it here. How could I have treated it, killed the party involved so you know I was serious, I explained but you didn’t hear then I stopped replying for a while whilst trying to sort out things?

Canadian Job WhatsApp Group

The issue of refunding in the case of a paypal chargeback in this Canadian Job WhatsApp Group, is it something you should call someone, and he doesn’t answer? Is refunding the equivalent naira something I should beg? you’ve noticed how i insulted him, but you haven’t noticed how it took so long for him to make part payment and how he has made it seem that refund is not a must.

people don’t know the story until a husband starts monitoring the wife I wish I can meet this guy even if I no fit do anything I for shake hand for all the stupid attitude you had an agreement with Arinze, so that one is bygone. You have no point here.

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Settle with Canadian Job WhatsApp Group members, if he says refund, reach an agreement and settle. Stop dragging Arinze to this I for leave that money o I for forget since but we get wetin vex me the matter escalated with PayPal just tell the guy to tell the payment to cancel the dispute that I’ll send even more money that he paid for the job.

This man ignored me 2 days I’ll call him on Canadian Job WhatsApp Group I am not talking about the deal per say but the comment from Aswab on insults. That’s just my concern. The next thing when he decides to reply “I’ll refund in the end I told the werey the paypal is at stake him no reply.

Just drops one message once he has sent more message explaining himself here than he has texted me concerning thus the case on Canadian Job WhatsApp Group. He can keep the money I don’t know how this matter started but you are asking him to calculate how much profit he made in the doesn’t add up.