part 2 king jakuze



The bell was about to ring when the King of IROKO, KING OBIO commanded the bell ringer to hold on for an announcement before the fight will begin.

KING OBIO began his declaration by saying: (whichever community wins the contest will have to take over the community that loses the contest and rules over them ), the people agreed, the bell rang and the fight began.

Though IKOSO was a small village their warriors were very strong and brave, the warriors of IKOSO were able to conquer the warriors of IROKO with the help of their chief warrior JAKUZE
IROKO submitted themselves to IKOSO according to the agreement they had before the contest began, the people of IKOSO were very pleased with chief warrior JAKUZE and according to their promise and agreement they had before the IKOSO competition which says (whoever wins the competition will be sworn in as the head or King )

Jakuze was then called upon and was crowned 👑 King over IKOSO and IROKO villages, OBIO who was the former King of IROKO was demoted and appointed as the new chief warrior of both IKOSO and IROKO warriors.

KING JAKUZE was a great Noble King, he was smart, intelligent, and very strong. He was a king who ruled wisely and was loved by his people.

King Jakuze was the only son and child of his parents, but unfortunately for him they before he was even five years old. King Jakuze grew up as an orphan, he survived through the company of friends that love him and had parents who feed Carter their needs.

King Jakuze was being fed by his friends, whenever they want to take their breakfast, launch, or dinner they will make sure Jakuze was present to eat with them and that was how he managed to pull through till he became a man.

Though life was tough and very difficult for him that didn’t stop or hinder him from being social and associating with his peer groups and for these reasons he gained favor from friends and neighbors.


Jakuze was smart and intelligent right from his childhood and didn’t forget to make use of the properties his late parents left for him as he was growing up, he became a wealthy man by cultivating on the farmlands his late parents left for him before they died.

Jakuze later fell in love with a beautiful damsel named AMAKA, Jakuze and AMAKA dated for about six months and later got married.

AMAKA was a smart and beautiful girl who came from a family of Five (5) MAZI ( father), NKECHI ( mother ), the only brother ( NDUKA ), and EGO the only sister.

AMAKA came from a happy family where everyone was hard-working, AMAKA was like an apple in the eyes of every man in the village of IKOSO, whoever set eyes on her would want to have her all to himself. Many suitors have come to ask for Amaka’s hand in marriage but she has always turned them down.

There was this faithful morning of a pleasant day for Jakuze when AMAKA was all alone on her mother’s farm removing weeds Jakuze was in a bush close to where AMAKA was hunting when he heard a loud shout from somewhere close to him, he stop his hunting and began to trace the voice to know where and why the shout.


On reaching the place he saw AMAKA on the ground crying and holding her leg, he went closer to her and demanded to know what has happened to her but still, she kept on crying and pointing directly at a snake that was about to leave the sane and Jakuze ran after the snake but the snake went away.

Jakuze came back removed his singlet and used it to tie her leg then went into the bush to get some herbal leaves which he used on the spot where the snake had bitten her and also gave her some to chew.

He sat down with her for quite some time and later carried her on his bark since it happens to be she can’t walk with her legs at that moment so he carried her down to her house and also came back the next morning to check on her, AMAKA’s injury got healed fast and she became friends with Jakuze.

Jakuze most times began to join AMAKA on the farm to keep her company and protect her from being beaten by a snake again, along the line of their closeness and friendship AMAKA began to fall in love with Jakuze, and she now pays him to visit often, she also him with his house chores, Jakuze in the other hand also fell for AMAKA and they started dating.

Jakuze and AMAKA got married and had a son named CHIKA before he was then crowned 👑 as King of IKOSO and IROKO, prince CHIKA was also as handsome as his father KING JAKUZE
KING JAKUZE and QUEEN AMAKA lived a happy life, they made sure they gave their only son and child PRINCE CHIKA the best training they weren’t opportune to have.

The people of IKOSO and IROKO were grateful to God to have given them a KING, QUEEN, and PRINCE like the family of KING JAKUZE of IKOSO and IROKO.

He ruled and reigned as the King during his time and his name was heard all around the world.


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